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Intelligent Lives Community Screening

Join us on Thursday, October 17th in Portland, OR for a free screening of the film!

Intelligent Lives stars three pioneering young American adults with intellectual disabilities, who challenge perceptions of intelligence as they navigate high school, college, and the workforce. This Community Screening is a way to bring members of the community together to gain information about the lives and insights of those with intellectual disabilities living in our community. During this event, attendees will have the chance to view the film and hear from panelists, who will discuss their own experiences in connection with the film.

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Niko's September Blog Post

A New Blog Post from Niko Boskovic

“It was never in the plan to become a self-advocate, whatever that means. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide that I was going to be passionate about the rights I have versus those of someone who is not disabled. I guess it comes from being so different from the people around me. After a while, you get so tired of explaining what you need that you begin to wonder why the world excludes your presence, and you are faced with two choices: you accept the way things are, or you fight to have your experience heard and understood so that the point of balance shifts to make room for you.” – Niko Boskovic

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Review of Oregon's ISP Planning Process

Review of Oregon’s ISP Planning Process:

Oregon joined the National Community of Practice (CoP) for Supporting Families (http://supportstofamilies.org) three years ago.  The CoP is a collaborative partnership between a state’s developmental disability (DD) service system and Council on Developmental Disabilities.  Fourteen states currently participate.  The purpose of the partnership in each state is it to promote systems change using the Charting the LifeCourse Framework (https://www.lifecoursetools.com).  The framework is based on the core belief that all people have the right to live, love, work, play and pursue their dreams just like other members the community.

Since we began the CoP, we have been looking at ways to use the LifeCourse Framework to help people pursue a good life. As part of this process, we met with families and self-advocates across the state to learn about their experience with the service planning process and how it can be improved.  We recently convened a webinar to share our findings and what we learned from other states that have used the LifeCourse Framework to improve the service planning process.  We also discussed how this information will inform efforts to improve the ISP planning process in Oregon per the Office on Developmental Disabilities 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.

You can view PowerPoint slides and the final report in both English or Spanish.

20th Anniversary of Olmstead

Join OCDD in Celebrating Olmstead’s Legacy

Since June 22nd, 1999, the landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in Olmstead v. L.C. has increased community participation and independence of people with disabilities and older Americans who are moving out of nursing homes and other institutions and back into the community.

This week marks the 20th Anniversary of Olmstead, a landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled that people with disabilities deserve the right to be in “the most integrated setting possible.” OCDD created a video in honor of Olmstead’s legacy and it’s impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

Check out the entire video on OCDD’s Facebook page with audio from people living out in the community.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to advance social and policy change so that people with developmental disabilities, their families and communities may live, work, play, and learn together. Our vision is that all communities welcome and value people with disabilities and their families.

Guiding Principles and Beliefs

1. We believe disability is a natural part of the human experience.

2. We believe people with developmental disabilities and their families...

Define their own families and sources of support.

Are successful when they make informed choices and control their lives.

Are most effective when they work together for social and policy change.

Are more likely to succeed when we expect them to succeed.

3. We believe communities...

Are welcoming when everyone is valued.

Are better when members act together.

Thrive when everyone contributes.

4. We believe support service systems are most effective when...

Families are supported to raise children in stable and loving homes.

People are supported to live the lives they want in their communities.

Supports are based on individual strengths, goals and community.

They are accountable to the people they serve.

OCDD: Live TogetherWork TogetherLearn TogetherBetter Together

OCDD works toward a world where all communities welcome and value people with disabilities and their families.

Our Stories

People with disabilities are at the heart of OCDD’s mission and work. Watch the videos below to see how these talented Oregonians contribute to the communities where we all live, work, and play.

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